Wall of Honour

The SFRA Wall of Honour recognizes residents who make or who have made a real contribution to Sherwood Forrest, devoting time and energy to events or just being an outstanding neighbour. Do you know someone who deserves to be on our wall? Please send your nomination(s) to 2018sfra@gmail.com, giving us the person’s name, address and reasons why you want to honour them. 

2018 Inductee



The lone inductee this year is Glenna Gallant!


What can you say about Glenna. Really, what can you say?


Well, we do  have a few things to say.


And we'll post them as soon as we do!


Thanks Glenna for all you've done, and continue to do, for the neighbourhood and the SFRA!!


2017 Inductees

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Nancy is an absolute fireball of energy who has lived in Sherwood Forrest for 13 years. She’s had her hands in an on everything – Fun Day, Fun Night and the annual Membership Drive. She ran Fun Day and Fun Night as primary organizer of teams of volunteers for more than five years. As someone who had the ability to draw in a wide team of volunteers and organizers to help out year after year, Nancy is recognized as a driving force for her
contribution to Sherwood Forrest.


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Janet is someone who spent time on the executive years ago. At that time, she was Treasurer and volunteered for Fun Day set up and Fun Night preparations. She was on the executive for about five years before she left. Every Fun Day after that, she continued to be one of the first to show up in the morning, to help. Then when she realized we needed help on the Executive, she did something that really was unheard of; she returned to the Executive to make a whole new set of friends and act as an advisor and supporter of our different events. Janet is recognized for the consistent love and support she has shown
Sherwood Forrest.


2016 Inductees

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2015 Inductees

Dick Joiner

Many people may not know some of these interesting facts about Dick Joiner: He is a veteran of theatre and cabaret, who has performed in North America, Europe, South and Central America and AustraliaHe has opened for acts such as Bobby Vinton, Ron James, Blue Rodeo and Bobby Curtola. He has produced and directed the "Pig and Whistle" show tour, been a featured performer on several cruise lines around the world. He is also the longstanding Emcee of the largest Senior's Variety show in North America, "The Jubilee", at Toronto's Roy Thompson Hall.

This is a partial list of activities that keep him very busy and in demand. That makes him pretty special... and he lives in Sherwood Forrest!

But why is he special to us? And he is special because of the different neighbourhood events that he always takes part in - including Fun Day set up and Earth Day. We can always count on him and he makes time for us. As busy as he is, many times over the years he has volunteered to perform his magic show for us on Fun Day and for the seniors at Carmel Heights. This is the reason we are adding him to our Wall of Honour. Thank you Dick.


Diane Guenette


25 years ago was around the time that the Sherwood Forrest Residents Association started. The reason it started was because there was serious talk of Carmel Heights Seniors residence being sold and the possibility of high density buildings being developed in the center of Sherwood Forrest.

One of the first people to get involved was Diane Guenette who lived on Sherwood Forrest Circle. She got involved and because of that somehow she ended up being the very first president of Sherwood Forrest Residents Association. She was the driving spirit for the start up of some events that take place almost 25 years later. She was not able to be here tonight and she was a little embarrassed to receive the honour. But, let's be very clear, it is no small task to get people to commit their time and energy to any cause including the neighbourhood where they live. But Diane was able to do that.

She got SFRA going and she helped build it greater with every subsequent year. And she did that, as president, for 10 years. Dealing with challenges, and the work load, with perseverance and a love for this neighbourhood is what Diane infused into SFRA and that is why so many of  us continue to volunteer and continue with the work that she started. And many of us are very grateful for the 10 years that she led the Association.


For that we thank her and add her to Wall of Honour.


Jim Browne


Our first inductee for 2015, to the Wall of Honour has been living in Sherwood Forrest for a number of years. Over the years he was an active member, helping in many of the events. But somehow his vision of helping got bigger than the community and bigger than Sherwood Forrest.

For the past 13 years he has been hosting an Annual Holiday Cheer Event in support of the Sleeping Children Around the World charity – providing needy children with bedding, mosquito netting, clothing and books.  Maybe having wonderful children of his own has motivated him to help children who are in need.


This event is a great success and a great testimony to a caring individual. And for being so generous with his time and been such a great role model, we would like to add Jim Browne to our wall of honour.


Gary Betts


The name and face of “Gary Betts” is well known in Sherwood Forrest. Sometimes it’s everywhere we look. But the person behind the signs is less well known and if you start to dig a little deeper into Gary Betts you walk away with two very deep impressions.


The first is that he has a strong work ethic that is motivated by a drive to do and be his best. In fact, he is hard wired this way and laughs when he says he reads no fiction, just motivational mindset books. The second is his commitment to his wife Julia and their five children.

He is an overachiever. He played triple ‘A’ hockey, before turning to tennis where he ranked as a junior, #2 in Canada (under 16), #3 in Canada (under 18), and Top 15 in Canada (adult). Gary received a tennis scholarship to university in Dallas, Texas graduating from TCU with an Honours degree in Bachelor of Business Administration, and was awarded by the NCAA's with the prestigious Academic All American Award. In 1989, he went into Real Estate where he has been ranked in the Top 50 RE/MAX agents worldwide and is consistently ranked in the Top 100 in Canada. He has had unparalleled success in Sherwood Forrest.



Gary has a ‘history’ with Sherwood Forrest. His wife Julia’s parents lived in Sherwood Forrest when he met her. That influenced him to buy a house here on Knight’s Court 20 years ago. When he sold that home in 2008 he moved to Prince John.  Gary loves Sherwood Forrest and is passionate that this is one of the best locations in Mississauga to live. His greatest commitment is being there to support his kids as they grow up and help them achieve their own happiness.

For over 15 years Gary has been the #1 financial sponsor, of our Fun Day and Fun Night events. Besides the financial support, he has provided prizes every year and has attended Fun Day and Fun Night. The commitment and support he provides, has been very important to us being able to continue these events. We are very happy to add him to our Wall of Honour!

Loretta & Cherylynn Flower


Most people immigrating to Canada will tell you that its takes a lot of emotional strength, like fearlessness and tenacity to leave everything that’s familiar to start a new life.


When Loretta left Bombay, India in 1976 and arrived in Canada, she had $8 dollars in her pocket. Years later, she lives in Sherwood Forrest in a home she designed and built, with husband Ken, and her son Darren (successful TV show host Rock It Up and musician in band Stone River). Her daughter Cheryllyn is married and lives in Mississauga with her husband Ryan Santiago.


In 1989 Loretta went into Real Estate. Her daughter Cheryllyn, who grew up in Sherwood Forrest and still considers it home, went to York University for Fine Arts. She studied voice under Eleanor Calbes and Ian Garrett (trained Shania Twain), and received a Royal Conservatory Diploma in voice. While she sings in a band as a hobby, she joined her mother in Real Estate 13 years ago. With such a musical family it’s easy to see the pride Loretta has in both children, still calling herself a “stage mom”.


Loretta and Cheryllyn as individuals bring very different strengths to their Real Estate business. Loretta is like a “pit-bull” determined, savvy, and hard-working. Cheryllyn is smart, polished, and effective, with great people skills. This combined strength serves them in business but it also makes them a great tag team during our membership drive every year.


For many years, they have taken on the difficult job of going door to door, to the lion’s share of homes in Sherwood Forrest, during real estate’s busiest time of year. Their share of homes to visit is daunting, and exhausting. Cheryllyn, no longer lives in the here but still helps with membership and has been singing on Fun Day for 3 years, donating her time and talent. Their combined contribution has been going on for at least 10 years and we seriously wouldn’t know what to do without them!     

2014 - Our First Inductees



Brian Edwards grew up a Maritimer from New Brunswick, where helping neighbours was a way of life. He brings that way of thinking to every place he has lived. Happily, he moved to Maid Marian Place in Sherwood Forrest seven years ago.


Brian became part of a team that maintained the ice. After all, he had two kids Madison, aged 12 and McKenzie, aged 14 years old. Even though his kids stopped using the ice, Brian became the driving force making sure the ice was maintained. A year ago, when he broke a disc in his back, he remained fully committed to ensuring the ice was maintained. He smiles and says things like “it’s an opportunity to network and have fun” and “many hands make light work”. But others will tell you that it is not fun standing out in the cold, flooding the ice night after night and being covered in ice as you flood. But it needs to be done. He leads by example. There is a crew consisting of approximately 14+ adults and 3 to 6 teenagers. The team includes: John Ferris, Andy Steele, Anthony Miscio, Darrin Buckland, Gordon Sandford, Mike Campbell, Paul Desroches, Steve Webster,  Tom Woolley and others. Even his wife, Dr. Shelley Mallette-Edwards has gone out with him. 

As Director Global Mining & Industrial Bio-Sciences for DuPont where he has worked for the past 38 years, Brian has a demanding position and there is plenty of travel. But he cares enough to make the time. If you want to help out with the rink, call Brian at: 905-855-1060.   

 "Well beyond this admirable (and cold!) role of Mr. Skating Rink, he is always lending a helping hand to clean the snow off driveways of those who are away from home, lend tools and equipment, pick-up mail, keep an eye on your home in your absence, or just being that smiling, kind neighbour that everyone hopes to have but not enough people do have, as a neighbour.” 



Lisa Bruno and her husband Joe moved to Hammond Road in Sherwood Forrest in 1996. In 2003 she became involved with the Sherwood Forrest Residents Association, covering the Sponsorship role. By that time, she had two children, Justin aged 6 and Kayla aged 2.


It’s not surprising that by 2005 she had taken on the role of President. Lisa is a dynamo, and she is passionate about loving Sherwood Forrest. You can hear it in her voice when she talks about it. She continued in the President role for 4 years. She says that for those years she never saw the top of her dining room table, covered with paperwork related to SFRA. 


But this is where Lisa is different.


Once executive members leave, their involvement in SFRA activities often disappears. But not Lisa, whose contribution to Sherwood Forrest is nothing less, than epic. As a working wife and mother, she stills finds the time and energy to support our Fun Day and Fun Night events and she delivers all of our newsletters to over 680 homes, sometimes in the very worst of weather.


Who else would volunteer to take this on?  But beyond that, Lisa makes it known, that if we ever need any help, she’s no further than a phone call away. Sherwood Forrest is honoured to have her and grateful for all that she does.

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Steve Blaney has lived in Sherwood Forrest on King Richard Place forever, or so he will make it sound. It is closer to 25 years. He has lived there with his wife Kathy and children...


He has always been involved as City Liaison, since the residents association first began. Steve is big on self mockery - saying that he got involved then and gets himself involved in many different things, becase he is a busy body. But the truth is a little different... He just really cares about the neighbourhood and he is a great guy.


Steve is notorious for double and triple booking his time - whether it is related to his work, his passions (like cycling and travel), his family or Sherwood Forrest. And his time is in demand. He frequently acts as an 'expert' witness in court cases, and ran his own successful engineering company until a few years ago. Since selling his company you would think he'd have more free time but that just didn't happen - he seems busier than ever.  


Steve has been the point of contact for all communication related to the re-development of the Hammond House heritage home. We're so grateful that he has always tried to make time for us - It's easy to see Steve - he's the "Grand Marshall" at our FUN DAY PARADE!



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