Every year, volunteers from Sherwood Forrest go door to door to their neighbours asking for donations to the Sherwood Forrest Residents Association. Those donations range from $20-$100, with the majority of residents donating $20.


With your contribution, SFRA is able to pay for their storage locker, pay for flowers in planters in the neighbourhood, pay for signage, put out the newsletter and host the following annual events:


  • Family Skate (February)

  • Easter Egg Hunt

  • Earth Day - Neighbourhood Clean Up

  • Garage Sale Advertising (May)

  • Fun Day

  • Fun Night

  • Annual General Meeting


In addition, we are open to hosting other events suggested by residents and executive members. In the past year, we hosted the Winter Coat Drive, the Open House at the Pump, and Meet and Greet New Executive / Resident Volunteers Night.


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