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Vision and Purpose



We are an association made up of residents who volunteer their time and energy with the sole purpose of enhancing and building a strong sense of community in our neighbourhood. Without political affiliation or bias of any kind, we welcome all new neighbours and encourage all residents to be part of our ever growing network, to provide a strong voice to issues facing our neighbourhood (crime, development, traffic etc.).


Our vision draws heavily on engaging the collaborative knowledge, talents, creativity, enthusiasm, and energy of our executive and on a larger group of valued volunteers.  Most importantly, we wish to provide a safe, secure and supportive environment that contributes to the quality of life and the attraction of living in Sherwood Forrest.


To provide a collective voice representing our community on issues threatening our natural environment, our investment as homeowners and our overall safety

  • To provide financial support, organize and oversee social activities

  • To encourage residents to treat the natural environment of Sherwood Forrest with respect and pride

  • To provide information and news of upcoming events in 4 newsletters each year

  • To communicate as broadly as possible, in a timely manner, issues and concerns by email

  • Encourage respect for and recognize the value of the association’s volunteering residents

  • Provide a forum at our AGM for residents to address concerns with our city councilors and community police liaison officer



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