Now pay your SFRA membership through Interac e-Transfer!

We’re pleased to now offer Sherwood Forrest residents the convenient option of paying for your SFRA membership online through Interac.


Simply follow these steps (the order of these steps may differ slightly depending on your bank):

  1. Login to your bank’s online or mobile banking and

  2. Select Interac e-Transfer

  3. Select the account you are transferring funds from

  4. Add SFRA to your Contact List
    (Name: SFRA; Email Address:

  5. Type in the Amount you are sending (suggested minimum is $20)

  6. Type in your name and address in the Personalized Message area

  7. For Security Question, choose: What was the password I gave you?

  8. For Security Answer, type in: Membership19

  9. You will receive an email notification once the Interac
    e-Transfer has been accepted by the SFRA


If you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you in advance for supporting the SFRA, your neighbourhood association!



Like it or not!

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Nice to Hear

“I have lived here for the past 26 years. Lately I’ve received regular communication and see a lot of new activities. Keep up the good work – someday I would love to join the committee.”

–A note from a resident on Robin Drive to the Executive


Doggy Doo Bags

“It doesn’t make sense to use a bag to pick up after your dog and then drop the loaded bag on a green space. The bag isn’t biodegradable. You’d do better to not pick it up at all. Better yet, pick up after your dog and drop it in a city garbage can or your own garbage can.”

–Comment from a resident delivered at Earth Day


In The Dark

“It is extremely dark on the walkway in Sherwood Green Park that exits out to Maid Marian Place. Can’t the city do something about this?”

–Concerned resident

(Note: At the SFRA Open House, Katie Mahoney announced lights are being added in the park.)


Head's Up

A resident complained about low branches hanging out over the sidewalk and suggested that residents trim them.

(Note: Katie Mahoney mentioned at the SFRA Open House that the city will be trimming these branches.)