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Carmel Heights Redevelopment Update

April 30, 2021

Last week, the Carmel Heights Redevelopment Committee (CHRC) sent a list of questions to Mississauga City Planner Robert Ruggiero on behalf of the residents of Sherwood Forrest residents regarding the resubmission of OZ/OPA 19-015 W8 (1720 Sherwood Forrest Circle) to address the size and scope of the proposed redevelopment. 


The questions, which also had input from two separate professional Planning Consulting firms, were listed under four main areas of concern. They are: 

  • Density/Rezoning

  • Height/Systems

  • Parking

  • Access


On April 26th, we received the following response from Mr. Ruggiero:


Dear Mr. Henderson and members of the Carmel Heights Redevelopment Committee:


Thank you for submitting your questions. At this time, staff are still reviewing the application resubmission materials. We rely on expertise from city staff as well as from external agencies.


I hope to provide you with useful information regarding your questions and concerns. 


1) Density/Rezoning

When reviewing an application, we must look at all the policies of the Mississauga Official Plan, as well as regional and provincial policies. The Mississauga Official Plan general provisions for Neighbourhoods permits a height of four storeys. Proposals for heights more than four storeys are evaluated if additional criteria are met, including appropriate transition and enhancing existing development. In this instance, the Carmel Heights Retirement Home is part of the existing context, and predates the Sherwood Forrest neighbourhood. The context of Carmel Heights is an existing retirement building, up to three storeys, and it is not comparable to introducing a new use to an established low density neighbourhood. 


In addition, Special Needs housing such as housing for the elderly is permitted in all residential land use designations across the city of Mississauga. 


The current zoning is site specific and only allows for the existing retirement building and convent. It does not permit any redevelopment without an amendment to the existing zoning. If a rezoning application is approved or denied, there is no mechanism under the Ontario Planning Act to prohibit future applications. 


Any necessary infrastructure capacity upgrades, such as upgrades to storm water pipes, would be borne by the developer. 


2) Height/Systems

The application is requesting a site specific zoning bylaw amendment and official plan amendment for the height and density. Any change to the building requires a zoning bylaw amendment. The specific zoning bylaw amendment would capture the design in a schedule. The applicant has provided an angular plane cross section, which is part of their justification for increased height. 


The noise report submitted with the original application includes information regarding rooftop equipment. The City of Mississauga has a Terms of Reference for how the applicant must conduct noise studies <> and shadow studies <>.


3) Parking

The applicant has provided a parking justification study and revised parking information via the traffic impact study. Our staff are currently reviewing the revised parking proposal. There is no requirement or tool to require underground parking instead of surface parking. The location of lighting and parking exhaust vents is premature at this time. The applicant is required to submit a future site plan application, where these details would be reviewed and we would ensure that lights and noise would be shielded and directed away from residential areas. 


A chapel currently exists as part of the convent and retirement home. A place of religious assembly is permitted in all land use areas and all zones. It appears that the chapel will continue to function in its current capacity as an accessory use for the residents of the facility, but also open to outside visitors. 


4) Access

The traffic impact, including the Dundas Street access is still being reviewed by the Transportation and Works Department. They would not support a Dundas access or changes to Dundas Street unless it adhered to industry safety standards of the Transportation Association of Canada’s Geometric Design Guide. 


Once I’ve received all the outstanding reviews and comments, I would be happy to revisit your questions and concerns.



Robert Ruggiero 

As soon as the CHRC receives a more in-depth response from Mr. Ruggiero, once City staff, agencies and departments have reviewed the resubmission materials, we will share the findings with the neighbourhood.

March 30, 2021

Carmel Heights site plan.jpg

As residents of Sherwood Forrest may be aware, after more than a year Micor finally resubmitted their proposal for the redevelopment of the Carmel Heights property, with almost NO material changes in the site plan. The revised plan (as shown above) still goes against the City’s Official Plan and requires rezoning approval from the current residential nature of the area. 


Micor’s plan is to build two 5-storey buildings with a total of 285 units. This remains a nearly 50% increase in the entire density of Sherwood Forrest. The proposed access routes to Dundas Street and Sherwood Forrest Circle could only mean a traffic nightmare throughout the neighbourhood. 


The SFRA and Carmel Heights Redevelopment Committee (CHRC), continue to support efforts of the Carmelite Sisters to renew their mission of caring for the elderly. Their original proposal for redevelopment of the site met broad approval in the community. 


The CHRC will continue to press for redevelopment of the property within current zoning guidelines, which would mean a moderately expanded three-storey complex. This would continue the harmonious relationship that Sherwood Forrest and the Carmelite Sisters have enjoyed for many years. 


To view the latest Development Application submitted to The City of Mississauga by Micor Mississauga Land Corp. click on the link below and scroll down to Ward 8:


Please email the CHRC at if you have any questions or concerns about the Carmel Heights Redevelopment plans.

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