About SFRA


This association was created to represent the community within the boundaries of Dundas Street West, Erin Mills Parkway, Lincoln Green and Mississauga Road approximately 25 years ago. Within those boundaries there are more than 680 homes.


What makes a great neighbourhood? It is not the beautiful homes, the finely manicured lawns, the natural landscape or the parks. The greatness of a neighbourhood lies in the friendly, warm neighbours who treat each other with respect, look out for one another, maybe wave when a car drives by. The big city neighbourhood that feels more like a small town onto itself. That is what we hope to encourage.


When The Globe and Mail (Thursday, June 30, 2011) asked readers to nominate the best communities in Canada, no one sent messages about fancy houses or high-tech infrastructure, or places where they were living out their comfortable lives, in isolation.


"People who brag about their neighbourhoods today talk about a place where people know one another, where they are loved... In these communities there is a mix of people of different backgrounds, different ages, different jobs, all of whom take part in the same rituals, from summer festivals to evening strolls."


Buying or selling a home in Sherwood Forrest - a strong sense of community is an important feature of a home. We believe that our neighbourhood has all the makings of a great community.  The Sherwood Forrest Residents Association encourages 'community' for its residents.




Thank you to everyone who has already paid their membership dues and thank you to those whom we know are planning to pay. When our friendly canvassers ring your doorbell, greet them with a smile and a cheque (and a cold glass of water or other thirst-quenching beverage if they look dehydrated)! You may also drop off your annual $20 fee at 2581 Robin Drive. Please help your Membership Team meet the annual target of $7,500.




These Sherwood Forrest residents have gone above and beyond the regular call of duty to make our neighbourhood a warm community and a wonderful place to live. We all benefit by having them in Sherwood Forrest. THANK YOU for all you do!​ Know someone who deserves to be on our wall? Let us know!

Wall of Honour